Burberry: Silk and Bloom Blush Review

Heeeellooo internet!
With Spring finaaaally here and Toronto finaaally heating up after some weird bi polar end-of-the-winter-season weather, the spring makeup product launches are FINALLY among us.

Spring is my fave season! Other than the fact that April is my birthday month (holla), and that I generally have a love for warmer weather, spring makeup is SO pretty!
I live for limited edition products and Spring launches usually have such a nice, soft, romantic vibe about them that I dig so much.
That being said, the first time I laid eyes on this blush…I let out a veeery loud gasp.
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Food Review: Inspire Restaurant

Yup, I’m definitely salivating as I type this post…!

(Image Source: BlogTO)

For months, I have been DYING to try Inspire Restaurant; an Asian Fusion restaurant tucked away in the heart of Main Street Markham.
Yet for some reason, any attempt at actually making it to there seemed to always flop at the last minute!
But FINALLY, after months and months of pining and stalking yelp reviews/pictures…I have had the pleasure of dining at Inspire!
And boy, was it worth it!
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Food Review: Eggspectation

Over the Valentines Day weekend, a few of my close girl friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a little girls night out.
We booked a hotel, got all dolled up, opened a bottle of wine and had an amazing Galentines day of girl talks, drinks, dancing, take out and face masks.
What a night!
However, the next day, tired and hangry, we were in desperate need of a good brunch.
Originally, I had my sights set on Old School, a diner style restaurant located in Downtown Toronto. Unfortunately, we were really lazy that morning and wanted to go somewhere closer!
So I pulled out my phone, googled a few places and… ta-dah!
I found Eggspectation!

(Image Source: Google)
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Drama Review: Good Times (大好时光)

Another day, another Hu Ge drama

(Image Source: Google)

Recently, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with Hu Ge, and so I started watching all of his recent dramas! While watching “The Disguiser”, I decided that I needed to take a break from all the melodrama and find something lighter and less stressful to watch.
While Good Times/大好时光 was definitely lighter, it wasn’t necessarily “less stressful”!
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