Food Review: Eggspectation

Over the Valentines Day weekend, a few of my close girl friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a little girls night out.
We booked a hotel, got all dolled up, opened a bottle of wine and had an amazing Galentines day of girl talks, drinks, dancing, take out and face masks.
What a night!
However, the next day, tired and hangry, we were in desperate need of a good brunch.
Originally, I had my sights set on Old School, a diner style restaurant located in Downtown Toronto. Unfortunately, we were really lazy that morning and wanted to go somewhere closer!
So I pulled out my phone, googled a few places and… ta-dah!
I found Eggspectation!

(Image Source: Google)

Eggspectation is a franchise that originated from Montreal and has since opened several locations all across Canada, the USA, and even India.
Judging by the name, I had assumed that they only served breakfast. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they also serve lunch and dinner as well (they’re only open until 4-5 though so i guess you could have a really late lunch or a really early dinner)!

The first thing I noticed upon entering was how nice the interior looked! With a mixture of different bricks and woods, it had almost a chic industrial cozy vibe to it!

(Image Source: Google)

There was a bit of a line up when we arrived and we were told that a table would take about half an hour, but we were seated around the twenty minute mark so that was definitely a plus!

I had an incredibly difficult time deciding what I wanted to order! There were so many drool inducing options listed that it was very hard to narrow it down.
However, my growling stomach (and my impatient friends) forced me to make a decision!

For drinks, I ordered the Honey Blue!
It’s a blend of Greek yogurt, blueberries and honey!
My friends ordered:
The Perfectly Pink (raspberries, strawberries, Greek yogurt, cranberry and honey)
The Go Bananas (banana, strawberry, Greek yogurt and honey)
The Banana Java (espresso, chocolate milk, honey and banana)

The drinks were…okay!
Maybe because the descriptions sounded very heavenly and gave us really high “eggspectations” (haha, get it?!) but for the most part we didn’t enjoy them as much as we thought.
The drinks were all a little bit too sour. Most of them have Greek yogurt in them so I expected them to be a bit sour, but it wasn’t nearly like I imagined.
My friend asked for some more honey on the side for her Banana Java and she liked it a lot better so maybe the honey to drink proportions were off that day!
But I also thought that the bananas in the drinks didn’t taste ripe enough so that could have also been a factor.
Either way, they weren’t as great as we imagined, although if you don’t enjoy sweet things and like the taste of a “sugar free” drink then you can definitely give these a try!
We all agreed that the Honey Blue tasted the best!
They’re also known for their freshly squeezed Orange and Grapefruit juices, so maybe opt for a glass of that instead (I will certainly try them the next time I come back)!

As for the food items, I (and my best friend)  ordered the South West Sunrise Omelet:
It’s an omelette filled with cheddar, swiss, gruyere cheese and peppers, topped with sour cream, avocado, and salsa! Served with their Lyonnaise styled potatoes.
It was pretty good!
The potatoes were very good; crisp and flavourful (probably my favourite part)!
The omelette itself wasn’t bad. I loved the combination of the sour cream, the avocados and the salsa.
My only complaint would be that although the omelette had three cheeses, I couldn’t really taste it. The salsa was also the most flavourful part of the dish; sour cream doesn’t have a strong flavour, neither does avocado when it’s not sprinkled with salt.
But it’s nothing that a little salt, pepper (and possibly request for extra cheese) can’t fix!

One of my friends ordered the Classic Eggs Benedict:
Two poached eggs on ham and english muffins topped with their home made hollandaise sauce and served with their Lyonnaise styled potatoes.
(Side Note: On their website they’ve written that their hollaindaise sauce is made from real eggs, butter and other all natural ingredients, so that’s a plus!)
She  enjoyed it! She said it tasted just like a regular eggs benedict so she couldn’t have gone wrong with her choice!

And my last but not least friend ordered the Eggstravaganza:
Two eggs (any style), bacon (there’s also the choice of ham or sausage), Lyonnaise styled potatoes, two slices of brioche french toast served with Canadian maple syrup.
She also really liked what she ordered! Her only complaint was that her french toast was a bit soggy!

The service at Eggspectation was not bad!
They were extremely busy that day so our server seemed quite distracted and not that attentive. Two out of the three of us also had utensils that weren’t completely clean (there was residues of food on them).
Although it was pretty understandable considering the line up they had and how many tables were filled!

All in all it was a pretty pleasant experience!
I would give Eggspectation a 7/10!
We will definitely be back in the future, as brunch IS the most important meal of the day 😉 and Eggspectation had some really unique dishes as well as a mix of their interpretations of classic dishes!
If you’re ever in Toronto and want a nice place to have a satisfying brunch, visit Eggspectation on 20 Albert St, Toronto, ON M5G 2C9.
For more information about locations and their menu, visit their website!


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