Beauty Review: Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade

How to get “Instagram-worthy” brows!

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Helloooo Internet!
Long time no post!
For the past two weeks I have been drowning in assignments and exams so….sorry!
Buuuut, I am finally back with a beauty post!
This one should peak tons of interest since there is SUCH  a huge brow craze going on lately!

Now, if you were born with naturally dark, thick, structured, beautiful brows…
I hate you.
Just kidding!
But you probably don’t really need to keep reading this post (unless you want to know what the rest of us have to struggle with..)!
If you’re like me however, and you were blessed with the god awful curse of “No Brows” (It’s a real thing, I swear) , then you’re in luck because I’m about to change your brow filling world!
Now, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have no eyebrows; rather than filling them in lightly every day, I baaasically have to draw them in.
Prepare your eyes, because you are about to see a horrifying sight!
Below is a picture of makeup-less me at a spa in South Korea…note the lack of brows:

Yeah, I wasn’t joking!
For many many years, I have been drawing my brows in every single day with brow pencils.
While brow pencils are still a very good option, I’ve often wanted a product that could deliver more definition, can last all day on my face without fading and smudging, and just create a nice crisp shape.
While I’ve heard many good things about the Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia, I didn’t actually try it until earlier this year, and I think it’s safe to say that I’m never going back!
If you haven’t heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills, it is a cosmetic brand founded in 1997 by a Romanian born entrepreneur; Anastasia Soare!
Anastasia was the first to introduce brow shaping methods to salons in the United States, and her “Golden Ratio” method for shaping brows is now used world wide!

(Image Source: Google)

Now..onto the Pomade itself!
The pomade comes in a small circular container very similar to gel eyeliners and needs to be applied with a brush.

(Image Source: Sephora)
The Anastasia number 12 brush is the perfect option! But if you want a cheaper option, there are many brands that carry a very similar brush, like this one from The Face Shop:

(Image Source: The Face Shop)
I use this one and it works just fine!

The consistency of the pomade is sort of like a cross between a cream eyeshadow and a gel liner! The creamy formula is extremely pigmented, so a little goes a looong way.
I use the shade Medium Brown! I find that the shade suits my dark brown hair pretty well! Originally, I had wanted to try the pomade in Taupe or Soft Brown, but unfortunately my local Sephora was sold out of these colours!

So… how does the brow dip differ from using a pencil?
Here’s a side by side comparison of me without my brows drawn in, using a brow pencil, and using the brow dip pomade:

As you can see from the far left, I look like an alien without my brows filled makes such a HUGE difference!
The picture in the center is one that I took when I filled my brows in with a brow pencil. Comparing that to the picture on the far right, it’s fairly easy to see that my brows on the far right look a lot more defined, clean, and crisp while my brows in the center look more soft and not as intense.

Apart from how it looks visually, the lasting power of the pomade is another reason why I’m so in love with it.
By the end of the day when I’m using a brow pencil, my brows are usually almost entirely faded. With the pomade however, even after an incredibly long day, my brows are still quite visible! Yay!

I’ve been using the pomade almost every day since I purchased it in November 2015 during Sephora’s VIB sale and I’ve barely made a dent in it. As I mentioned earlier, a little goes an extremely long way with this product so it’s definitely worth the money because it’ll last months! I’ve heard about some issues with it drying out on some users before they’ve been able to finish it, but so far it hasn’t been an issue for me at all after four months! And if I do notice some of the product drying up, I imagine it’s nothing a few drops of eye drops or glycerin can’t fix….

When I initially looked into Anastasia’s Brow Dip Pomade, I had a few concerns about whether it would be difficult to use and messy, however these concerns went away instantly from the moment I first tried it!
Overall, I would give this product a 10/10!
For everyone who’s struggling with the curse of not having natural born brows, or for anyone looking to enhance their natural brow shape, this product will definitely do the trick.
With a variety of different shades to suit your skin tone and hair colour, you can pick one up from Sephora for $23 CAD to get your brows on fleek!

Side Note: Colourpop has just announced that they will be launching their own line of brow pomades and I’m DYING to try them when they come out!


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