Burberry: Silk and Bloom Blush Review

Heeeellooo internet!
With Spring finaaaally here and Toronto finaaally heating up after some weird bi polar end-of-the-winter-season weather, the spring makeup product launches are FINALLY among us.

Spring is my fave season! Other than the fact that April is my birthday month (holla), and that I generally have a love for warmer weather, spring makeup is SO pretty!
I live for limited edition products and Spring launches usually have such a nice, soft, romantic vibe about them that I dig so much.
That being said, the first time I laid eyes on this blush…I let out a veeery loud gasp.
Burberry’s new blush is just so. darn. beautiful.
Every part of this blush from the packaging to the actual product itself is so incredibly pretty!
Let’s take a look at the packaging first, shall we?
The plain cardboard box that Burberry blushes usually come in now has a pretty pink cardboard sleeve that has the same design as the blush adorned on it! As it’s a limited edition product, the packaging has gone the extra mile as well! The case that the blush is housed in is as per usual, a beautiful gun metal packaging with the signature Burberry pattern.
The actual blush itself also comes in a cute little dust bag that has the signature Burberry pattern throughout and a pocket for a tiny travel sized brush. Although the brush is not very practical for actually applying blush on, it’s definitely able to give some good on the go touch ups!

Let’s talk about the blush itself:
The best way I can describe this gorgeous colour is that it’s a pinky plum with streaks of violet purple layered in the parts of the blush that are shaped as geometric lines.
Boy, that was a mouthful.
But in all honesty the colour is so unique that it was able to stop me in my tracks, fill me with intense misery when I realized it was sold out, and have me sing out loud with joy when I saw that Sephora online had stocked it.
Yes, I’m a very dramatic person :’), but you guys get my point!
The print on the blush is also apparently inspired by antique wallpaper from London’s Victoria and Albert museum! Super cool and very bougie 😉 (this might explain why I fell for it so hard)!

This arm swatch doesn’t really do it that much justice! It really is one of those colours that you have to see in person!

Here’s how it looks like on my face! Excuse the awkward selfie poses:

On the left is a hilarious room selfie, and on the right is an awkward car selfie.
As you guys can see, the blush is gorgeous but also very subtle and natural looking.
Burberry blushes usually are quite pigmented, so a little goes a very long way…I didn’t realize this and ended up with a pink blob on my cheek the first time i swatched it!
Nothing that  a little blending couldn’t fix though!

The Burberry Silk and Bloom blush retails for $72.00 CAD, I purchased mine from Sephora.ca but since it’s a limited edition product they may no longer carry it! I did a quick google search and saw that (for my fellow Canadian friends) it’s still available at the Hudson’s Bay.

Overall I would give this blush a…*drumroll please*  9/10!
The colour is super unique, the pigmentation is amazing, it illuminates my cheeks whenever I use it and the packaging is fantastic.
The -1 point however, is for the amazingly expensive price!
Although it’s understandable, being that it IS a Burberry blush… even so, my heart hurt when I paid 80 something CAD after tax for it.
But to be fair, we all see that gorgeous floral/geometric print right?

Until next time,


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