Food Review: Sansotei Ramen

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When I think of comfort food, Ramen is the first thing that comes to mind!
For those of you who have yet to discover this magical Japanese dish, Ramen is essentially noodle soup that’s cooked in a rich creamy (usually pork bone but it varies) broth topped with a bunch of different toppings such as egg (soft boiled ones are the bomb!), green onion, fungus, seaweed, corn etc. etc.

Ramen has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially in downtown Toronto where quite a few stores have opened up that have an impressive queue daily!
While there are a few varieties of different restaurants and locations downtown, there aren’t very many options to choose from in the greater Toronto area if you’re craving a bowl of this delicious soupy wonder.

Enter Sansotei.

The first time I went to Sansotei, I was living with my best friend in a rented basement bachelor right in the core of the city. Under a friends recommendation, we decided to treat ourselves one night and stood in the freezing cold for half an hour, waiting in excitement for whatever was cooking inside, the enticing aroma wafted out into our faces every time someone opened the door, and we were dying to experience it.
And boy, was it worth it!
It wasn’t until that night did I realize that any sort of “ramen” that I had was definitely not authentic enough, as I had never tasted such flavour before in my life!
Unfortunately, after a year of pinching pennies and late night girl talks, we reluctantly moved back in with our parents.
Afterwards, my favourite ramen place was an hour and a half too far to go very often.
However, one day as I was driving, I saw that familiar sign hanging outside the store front right across my apartment building, and nearly crashed my car in excitement!
Now, good Japanese ramen was within an arms length away!

So, a few days ago, when my best friend and I were at a loss about what we should eat for dinner, we naturally decided to go to Sansotei!

Located at 3987 Highway 7 East, this new location is similar yet different from our experience at the Dundas location!

(Image Source:

The interior of the store is very similar to the location on Dundas! With the rope decorations hanging from the ceiling, the lighting, the booth materials and patterns, it’s almost identical!
The Markham location however, is a lot more spacious and appears to seat more people, which is definitely a plus since they’re so high in demand!
The lighting of this restaurant is good as well! It’s not too bright, but also not uncomfortably dim, unlike other restaurants that make it so dark that it’s hard to even read the menu in front of you!

The service here is very fast, as it should be since there is usually a long lineup outside the store!
The waitresses are friendly and efficient! They also seem to be pretty well staffed, which really helps them with all the customers they have to deal with!

My best friend ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen, which is their signature ramen and a definite must try!
(Image Source: me!)
The toppings on this ramen are pork belly, soft boiled eggs, fungus, and green onion!
There are no words to describe how creamy and rich the flavour of this broth is! Because it’s a pork bone broth that’s been stewed for hours, the intensity of the flavour in the soup really really shows!

I got the Spicy Tan Tan! It’s a popular ramen that they only make a limited quantity of per day, so if you come later on in the day, there is a good chance that you might not be able to order it!
(Image Source: me, again!)
The toppings for this ramen are soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, shredded chili flakes, pork belly and ground pork.
This ramen definitely has a kick to it, so if you can’t handle your spice, I would probably go for the Tonkotsu!

One thing I love about the menu is that it’s very simple. With a few options for appetizers, ramens, desserts and drinks, it’s not over complicated and makes deciding what to eat soooo much easier! It also means that for the few things that they do serve, they do a really good job at perfecting them!
They also give you the choice to customize your noodles to either thin or thick.
I personally prefer the thicker noodles as i find they give more of a bite to the ramen!
(Image Source: me!!)
The Thin noodles are on the left, and the Thick noodles are on the right!

Although we didn’t get an appetizer this time, in the past I’ve tried the Zangi (fried chicken) and the gyoza, both of which were delish!

We ended our meal with a slice of Green Tea Cheesecake, which we didn’t take a photo of as we were eager to devour it and forgot!
So here’s one from their official website:

(Image Source: Sansotei)
This cheesecake is more on the denser side, so the texture is quite similar to a New York style cheesecake and isn’t very alike to those light fluffy Japanese “cotton” cheesecakes that are so popular these days! However, it’s very creamy and flavourful, making it a delicious dessert option!

Overall, I give Sansotei Ramen a 7.5/10!
This ramen joint is a must try! The service is fast and professional, the food is delicious with a simple menu that doesn’t try to be over complicated, the interior is great with a spacious location (this only applies to the Markham location though)….and….. did I mention how amazing the food tastes :)?

For a better look at their menu and their different locations check out their website here!


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