Food Review: Inspire Restaurant

Yup, I’m definitely salivating as I type this post…!

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For months, I have been DYING to try Inspire Restaurant; an Asian Fusion restaurant tucked away in the heart of Main Street Markham.
Yet for some reason, any attempt at actually making it to there seemed to always flop at the last minute!
But FINALLY, after months and months of pining and stalking yelp reviews/pictures…I have had the pleasure of dining at Inspire!
And boy, was it worth it!
Ever since Inspire first opened at Main Street Markham in 2014, it has been a huge hit! Prior to coming here, the amount of hype that I’ve seen on Instagram about their Chicken and Waffles, Udon Carbonara, Burgers etc. has been insane!
So, a couple of weeks ago, my two best friends and I decided that we would go that day at any cost!

The restaurant itself is not incredibly large, so if you’re planing on going during the weekend or any other peak times, they highly recommend their customers to call in and make a reservation.
The interior of Inspire is quite cozy, with wooden paneling, different textures in fabrics and different lighting (although, my interior designer best friend doesn’t like that, as she thinks that it’s inconsistent and doesn’t serve much purpose as a lighting function)
Whatever concerns my interior designer best friend had with the lighting, it quickly went away after we got our food!

After pondering for a really long time, our incredibly friendly server helped us with our choices! He told us that the three most popular dishes are the Chicken and Waffles, Udon Carbonara, and the Inspire Burger. He gave us a few other suggestions as well, but it just so happened that the three of us were all craving a different dish from the top three!

I ordered the Chicken and Waffles:
This dish was HEAVENLY. I’ve had chicken and waffles before, but never anything like this! The chicken was juicy, tender, and crispy served on top of fluffy waffles, drizzled with a ginger maple syrup, topped with a spicy berry compote, cinnamon whipped butter, and green onions.
Oh my god.
I could tell that the best friends were secretly jealous of my order!
The different blend of flavours in this dish was incredible. It was so interesting because I didn’t know how all these flavours would taste like together, but they worked so perfectly. There was also a few pieces of five star spices on the dish and that reeeally added a kick of flavour. I can understand why this would be one of their top sellers!

Interior Designer Best Friend ordered the Udon Carbonara:
It has spicy italian sausage, braised beef, honey mushrooms in a creamy reduction all topped off with a quails egg!
She really enjoyed it!
From the small bite she was willing to share with me, it was delicious! The sauce was super rich, creamy, and flavourful which mixed really well with the udon noodles.
The only complaint that she had about this dish was that it is INCREDIBLY rich, so you really have to be in the mood for it!

Web Designer Best Friend ordered the Inspire Burger:
The Inspire Burger has grade prime beef, seared pork belly, fried egg, and tomato mayo all served with a side of fries (drizzled with more mayo)!
She enjoyed it sooo much and cut me a tiny bite so that I could see why she was unwilling to share.
The tomato mayo in the burger really brought out all the flavours! The beef, pork belly, and fried egg also go surprisingly well together and isn’t really overwhelming.
She had NO complaints about the burger.
And the fries topped with mayo: genius.

By the end of our entrees, we were all tooooooo full to try any of the desserts, even though they were SO tempting.
The next time we go (and yes, there will be a next time), we are definitely going to try the Green Tea Chili Cheesecake and the Red Velvet Beignets!

With no hesitation whatsoever, I would give Inspire Restaurants a 10/10!
I’ve had my fair share of Asian fusion foods in the past, but none of them have impressed me quite like this. Every single dish has it’s own unique flavours that blend together so well!
Different tastes and flavours that you would typically find in Asian cuisines mixed with American/French foods…it was just tooo perfect!
If you would like to visit Inspire Restaurants you can find them at:
144 Main St Markham North, Unit 1, Markham, L3P 5T3
Or you can visit their website for their menu and more details!
AND last but not least, if you want to do what I did for months, you can drool at their instagram pictures!
Happy Eating!

144 Main St Markham North, Unit 1, 
Markham, L3P 5T3

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