Beauty Review: VDL Lumilayer Primer

My “secret” to glowing skin!

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During the summer months in 2015, I was fortunate enough to travel to China and South Korea on a vacation with my two best friends!
While I was really looking forward to the actual vacation itself, I was EXTREMELY excited to hit up the beauty stores in South Korea!
South Korea is home to some of the most amazing skin care and makeup brands in the world!
There’s a reason why the “K Beauty” look is extremely popular these days with its dewy healthy glowing skin, minimal natural makeup and bright soft lips!

While in Seoul, I was super happy to finally go into a store called VDL cosmetics. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, VDL is a South Korean cosmetic brand founded in 2012! VDL is quite new and is steadily gaining recognition through their collaborations with makeup artists world wide!
The products really remind me of MAC products! With sleek minimalistic packaging rather than the adorable packaging that you might find at other brands like Etude House, VDL targets the young adult who prefers something more modern and of good quality!

(Image Source: Google) The Inside of a VDL store at Myeong Dong!

I purchased quite a few items from VDL, but today I will be talking about my favourite one!
I had heard quite a lot of good things about their Lumilayer primer and I NEEDED to get my hands on it to give it a shot!
The Lumilayer primer is a primer that’s supposed to give your skin a natural glowing complexion.
Priced at 21,000 won for 30 mL, which is approximately 17.5 USD and 24 CAD, it is easily one of the most amazing primers that I’ve ever tried!
I have issues with dry skin and the primer itself is quite hydrating, which is a huge plus for me!
And they definitely weren’t joking about the glow…

On the left: My makeup routine with the Lumilayer primer
On the right: My makeup routine with a primer from Innisfree and SUPER short hair

As you can tell from the two pictures, my skin while using the primer looks SOOO much nicer!
You can use the primer all over the face as an overall base (I’m a rhymer!) like I do, or you can just apply it on the areas of your face where you would like an extra pop of highlight! The bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, cupids bow, under the eyebrows are all good places to give it a try!
I prefer applying it all over the face because I’m in love with the ethereal glow I get from it! I also adore how my complexion looks with it on!

Another great thing about this primer is the packaging!
It comes in a super sleek, semi opaque, pump bottle. The square shape of the bottle makes it easier to grip onto, while the semi opaque colour allows you to see how much product you actually have left in the bottle. But the most important thing (other than how nice it looks!) is the pump that keeps the product sanitary and dispenses the product evenly while in use!

(Image Source: Google)
Pumps are the best things to happen to beauty products. Ever!

The primer also has very good coverage as I only need about a pump for my entire face!
I also do notice a big change in how my foundation holds when I have this primer on versus when I don’t. It certainly helps my makeup last longer and grip onto my face better!

Overall, I would give this primer an 8/10!

Although it doesn’t dry the skin out, gives one a heavenly goddess like glow, helps the makeup adhere to the skin…I have some concerns in regards to customers with different skin types.
Personally for myself it works wonders because it makes my skin look plump, glowy, and hydrated.
However, it might not be the most ideal option for someone who has an oily skin type, as it may cause them to look shinier than they would prefer!
But if you do have normal, dry, or combination skin, I would pick this up in a heartbeat!
You can purchase it on G Market, Ebay, and Amazon!


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