Movie Review: Our Times (我的少女時代)

This movie is longer than my post

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Helloooooo Internet!
I am back with a review!
This time, instead of doing another gripping drama I will be reviewing a Taiwanese movie called Our Times/我的少女時代 which offers more of a girl meets boy/will they won’t they type of plot!
A few weeks ago, I was over the moon when I realized that my local movie theater was playing this movie! After stumbling upon the movie trailer online, I have been dying to see it!
Although the movie was a little different than I expected, it was not an entirely awful Sunday night choice!

Let me summarize the plot for you:
A woman in her thirties by the name of Lin Zhen Xin leads an incredibly mediocre life. Although her boyfriend just proposed to her and she has a somewhat stable job at her company, she is under appreciated and taken for granted in both aspects.
After a particularly difficult day, she plays a tape that she received in her youth and is transported back (mentally, not physically) to Taiwan in the 90’s.
During the 90’s when cell phones weren’t abundant and before the age of the social media boom, it was a rather different time!
Zhen Xin was a dedicated student who spent most of her time fantasizing about her idol Andy Lau and drooling over her crush, Ou Yang Fei Fan.
Ou Yang is the object of every single girl’s affections as he is not only good looking, but also an exemplary student! However, Ou Yang is with Tao Min Min, the school’s prettiest girl.
One day, through a series of unfortunate events, she meets Hsu Tai Yu, the school’s resident bad boy. Tai Yu coincidentally, has a crush on Tao Min Min.
An unlikely friendship blossoms between Zhen Xin and Tai Yu as they both agree to help each other gain the affections of their crushes, by splitting them up.
Through her experiences in that time, the support of her friends, her high school crush, and her all time favourite idol Andy Lau, she realizes a lot about her present life and about the person that she wanted/expected herself to be.

Here’s a picture of the main characters:

(Image Source: Google)
From the left to right:
Dino Lee as Ou Yang Fei Fan
Vivian Sung as Lin Zhen Xin
Darren Wang as Hsu Tai Yu (I know what you’re thinking girl, I have a soft spot for bad boys too 😉 )
Dewi Chien as Tao Min Min

To further peak your interest, here’s the official Trailer !

Overall, I would give this movie a 6/10!
I enjoyed most of it, however there were a feeeeeew things that I didn’t really like!

What I did love about it though was that the young actors in this film were all very talented and had great chemistry, not to mention, provided some decent eye candy (lookin’ at you Darren!) and the amount of 90’s nostalgia really made the movie’s most enjoyable moments.
From the clothing trends to the pop culture references of that time period, the producers definitely had me craving some good old 90’s pop songs and thinking about a much simpler time!

Most of the movie is spent in the past, which was a lot more different than what I expected after seeing the trailer.
I had assumed that they would try to interlock the past and the present more and really show that the different incidents in Zhen Xin’s past helped affect her present attitude, but they barely spent any time in the present, and instead of interlocking the two, they showed the present, the past, and then a small whiff of the present again.
The structure was sort of like: 15 minutes of the present, 2 hours of the past, and 15 minutes of the present again.
Which was a big miss for this movie, because if they had worked out some of the details of her present life better, than it would have definitely made more of an impact in the end.
They could have easily allotted more time to the present too, by cutting some of the past scenes shorter!
While watching, I often found myself starting to zone out and daze off, which is never really a good sign while viewing a movie, as a good movie can keep the audience focused for the entire time.
Although some of the scenes were cute, they were border line too cheesy and there were many unnecessary shots that they really could have cut shorter!

Those things aside this movie is generally light hearted and fun, which makes it a really good option if you want to just sit back and enjoy a romantic comedy that focuses a lot on the innocence of first love!
If you want to watch another movie that also talks about first love and takes place in a high school setting, I would highly recommend watching “You are the Apple of my Eye”! These two movies are often compared with one another  but  the latter is what I would describe as the perfect way to talk about high school love without being overbearing!

But hey, I honestly can’t think of a better reason to watch “Our Times” than this one:

(Image Source: Google) Brb, fainting.



I felt like I needed to rant about some of the things that I found a bit ridiculous:

– The Ending. Oh god, the ending. When I saw the keychain drop, I had thought that it was either 1) Tai Yu or 2) Ou Yang, but i definitely, definitely, did not think it would be Andy Lau.
I have so many questions regarding Andy Lau.
1) How did Tai Yu, who went to the states, end up working for you?
2) Let’s say you guys met and he ended up working for you, how did he become so important to you that you decided to spend millions of dollars putting on a show in Taiwan because his first love idolized you.
3) Lets say you guys are best friends and you wanted to help a brother out, were you guys just banking on the fact that she was going to get a ticket? What if she grew out of her Andy Lau phase, or what if (and this really happened), she couldn’t purchase a ticket?
4) Let’s say I can accept the fact that you guys ran into each other in ALL of Tai Pei (which, she could have not ended up living in btw, since it’s been so long), how did Andy know that this Lin Zhen Xin, was THE Lin Zhen Xin that his bro has been thinking about all this time? What if you just offered a random girl a seat at your very expensive concert?
SIGH. Plot holes.

– Although I have nothing against Joe Chen or Jerry Yan, I thought that having them play the older versions of Zhen Xin and Tai Yu was a bit unnecessary. No body changes that much from their senior year of high school to their early thirties! It would have been completely acceptable if they just changed their hairstyles and did their make up a bit differently to make them look mature. Jerry and Darren don’t look that similar in my opinion, neither do Vivian and Joe, or at least not similar enough to confuse them for the same person.

Side by side comparison:

(Image Source: Google)

– What happened to the other characters? Since we spent quite a long time in the past, I was really looking forward to seeing some of the characters in the future!
Did her two friends that ended up dating each other get married?
What about the other two people in their squad?
How sad was Ou Yang after losing a brother that stuck with him since middle school?
And Did Tao Min Min ever grow out of  being a fake ass b**** or was it unfortunately, not just a phase?
None of these questions were answered, much to my disappointment!

“What do you mean we don’t exist in the future?!”
(Image Source: Google)

Ideally, I would have really enjoyed the movie a lot more if they ended it a little differently!
Maybe present time Zhen Xin receives a wedding invitation to attend her two high school friend’s wedding! That could have shown that some high school romances do work out!
At the wedding, she could have bumped into Ou Yang, who has moved on and has a child with a woman that he met later on in life! That would have shown that sometimes high school loves don’t go your way and that you will eventually meet someone else!
Maybe after social media became a thing, Ou Yang and Tai Yu secretly got in contact again, since they were friends for such a long time, it would be natural for them to want to reach out to one another!
Then, Ou Yang could have given her an Andy Lau ticket, which could have guaranteed that she would be at the concert 100%!
Sigh, if only…

No matter how much I critique it though, I did have a few good laughs and cries!
Plus, seeing these cute faces blown up in a movie theater never hurt anyone!

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PS. Take a look at this picture of Darren with the director of this movie, Frankie!

I only have one more question…

Darren, can I direct your next movie?
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